‘Memory Lane’ – Northern Wisconsin Lake at sunset

‘Memory Lane’
Memory Lane is available for purchase here

Memory Lane’

This is the very first image I made on my Hayward commissioned photography work this past week. I arrived in Hayward at the cabin I stayed in and ventured out to the worn pier … the neat thing is that though I didn’t grow up coming to this land for summers and vacations I could FEEL the land as if I had.
I felt continual episodes of deja vu and a keen connection to this special place which has been in one family for many generations. What a gift to be able to capture it in photography.
I was solo and heard the loons continually. Oh how I love the loons!
.. so I called this image Memory Lane ; being the first image I made while here, it was as if it were a path/bridge/lane that represented a collage of many memories which I would have the honor of photographing.


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