Milky Way and Stars at Night – Creative Photography Project 365

‘See How They Shine’

20150228 / Project 365

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It’s nice to have my February 365 leave with a bang .. I’d never photographed the milky way and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. 

I went to bed at 8 last night with intentions to get out early. A clear sky was the forecast for the morning .. Up, armed with a thermos of coffee, lots of layers, and hand warmers for my remote shutters, I was  out by about 3 am. I knew the moon was to set at 3:20am and I’d have a few hours of relative dark sky (except for the few towns which render a bit of light pollution). The galactic center of the Milky way would be visible from 3 – 5 am; rising at 130º and heading Southerly to 150º before we’d not be able to see it any longer (as astronomical twilight enters the scene). 

There is something about night photography that I love; the challenge goes without saying ( I love challenges and learning), every footstep is so so loud in the snow! The screech owls were calling like mad ( I LOVE that ~ they sound like horses whinnying ), -6 felt colder, but I love the chill, the thrill of wondering if what you can’t see your 15 second exposure can … 

I stayed until the twilight approached and completed two star trail images as well (one per camera at 1.5 hour total exposure times each). Its a rush!

I caught the Milky Way here at 4:04am. 

I didn’t know if I had it .. I sure couldn’t see it with my eyes. Even through some light pollution in the Southeast, it was there and I was thrilled to see it when I brought it up on my screen. 

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