More Mammals of Yellowstone – early February 2010

I am enjoying a small “office” break to edit some more of my images from Yellowstone. Up and coming will be an exclusive bison blog page and also landscapes of Yellowstone, which are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. In the meantime I am at the NANPA (North America Nature Photography Association) summit meeting in Reno. After many days of hiking into some remote and mountain areas with my friend John Nagel I feel quite out of my element in the glitz and lights of the Reno Casino hotel. However, I am very much enjoying a relaxing day and mingling with old friends and making new ones! Enjoy! Kristen 🙂

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Image 171: coyote in a Yellowstone stream.  Image 172: Pronghorn Antelope  Image 173: Bison landscape at Yellowstone National Park  Image 174: Bull elk at Yellowstone National Park   Image 175: Bull elk at Yellowstone National Park.

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