My Deer Encounter At Copper Falls State Park after heavy snowstorm in April 12, 2008

I had been in Cable, since the 9th, to set up my exclusive gallery in the Rookery restaurant, at the Cable
Nature Lodge

We had a grand opening the night of the 11th and I was set to drive back to the Southern end of the state (home) on Saturday, the 12th. However, God had another agenda for my ‘to do’ list on Saturday.

The sky began to dump fluffy white snow during the grand opening event on Friday, and continued to do so through my slumber. It’s mid April and I wake up to a winter wonderland!

Several feet of snow carpeted the landscape and I wasn’t going to be driving 7 hours home this day.

Copper Falls is just a 30 to 40 minute drive, so I decided to grab my camera and my snow shoes and head there to hike.

I was the only one parked and I had to park outside of the unplowed parking area and hike down to the trailhead.

Early on I spotted a doe jumping up to grab leaves from branches on a tree. I watched as she worked hard for a scarce meal.

After some time she decided she’d had enough so she slowly made her way, trekking through the snow. She looked back at me, curiously seeming to invite me to come along. So I did.

I followed at her pace, careful not to get too close. But she wasn’t worried about me and every so often she’d turn as if to ensure I was still there, following the leader.

We walked along until we came to the place where her herd lay, resting between pine trees, in the snow. I will never forget how honored I felt to be welcomed into this spot amongst the deer.

There must have been 15 or so. They sat quietly, chewing cud, as I nestled myself Into a vacant, deer-made, debit in the snow. Within the sanctuary, the wind sang through the trees and without words, we seemed to understand each other.

Such a peace came over me, as God’s whisper overshadowed any worldly thoughts. I closed my eyes and rested in this miracle.

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