Some good notes and a few laughs after seeing my plastic surgeon’s NP and my cancer general surgeon today:

GOOD NEWS: the Lump

That little lump I found Sunday is just a stitch in the alloderm. Alloderm is the cadaver skin used as a ‘sling’ to securely hold my implants snugly in place. It is sewn into my pec muscles and will become a part of me!

So the stitch is nothing to worry about – just able to feel it because I’m thin.


I told my Plastic surgeon’s NP (nurse practitioner) I had April 7 marked in my calendar to run and do Burpees.

She looked at me with a sort of amused look and asked, “you aren’t planning to run 8 miles on that day, are you?” Then she said, “When we say after 6 weeks there are no restrictions we are talking to the normal people. You are one of the extremes.” We both laughed as I knew what she meant. …

I told her I’d pretend I am coming off Achilles tendinitis so I’d nurse myself back into it by walking and running combo.

And same with Burpees and push-ups. I’ll pretend I’m coming in out of a shoulder injury. She thought that was a good idea.

Then My surgeon wore her Stars and Stripes cowgirl boots just for me today! Next time I see her I’ll wear mine! I love that lady, Dr Garner!

But I can’t say enough good about everyone at Mercy in Janesville.

They are the most amazing doctors, nurses, staff with the best personalities and humor and they are full of compassion and love!

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