On the Trail with Kristen – Tracking Oodles of Loops in the Kettle Moraine Nordic Trails

I was tracking oodles of loops today in the Nordic trails in the Southern Unit of the Kettle Moraine.. exactly 5 different loops to be exact .. all for fun and also for the purpose of having all the tracks here tracked for the purpose of my “Take a Hike” trail guides with GPS tracks! … This guide with GPX for your GPS and KML files for google earth (preview your route before you do it! ) …

I am still hiking the IAT in segments for right now .. and while I am dealing with the mega heat rash that I get in the humidity I have decided to track local state (and statewide) trails and their loops as well to add to my Wisconsin trails guide books that I am putting together.. the coolest part is that they will be GPX for your GPS rich! … speaking of heat rash .. NONE today even though my almost 10 miles of almost all running was in the heat of the day, which went up to around 87 degrees.. the missing factor was the extreme humidity.. you see, the desert bothers me not at all .. its hot but its arid. The midwest can be in the 80s but add that humidity and my body R – E – acts! .. I was lovin the 65% humidity today.

It’s also kind of a fun thing to break the one way IAT treks with the loops that I am doing .. and it will ensure that I get some fall scenery from the IAT .. I would hate to get done with that trek before any fall color sets in, especially up in the NW sections! .. its gorgeous there! so, thanks to obstacles that force a person to improvise and find solutions … things are feeling pretty balanced and I am still getting my trail fix!

Animal Totems: juvenile turkey, turkey vulture, bunnies, monarchs

Highs: ..

1. Running! I love taking the trails by swift foot.. I feel that I was born to run! .. 2. Mosquito repellent that works.. AND its organic and its VEGAN! .. made in Jamaica, get it at Clearwater Outdoor .. its called Beat It. .. okay, so I was running and I run fast enough that the mosquitos can’t get me … B.U.T – as soon as I stopped (and got freaked out) they were SWARMING around me (as per usual with my sexy and stylish bug suit getup). .. BUT, no bites! no Landing.. aka, the darn critters lingered around my CO2 body but did not at all like all the organic landing places that smelled of lemongrass and mint, etc, etc.. for all I care, they can go find a nice cow pie to land in and stay out of my CO2 Space! LOL ..anyway, I’d never endorsed any insect repellent before because I won’t do deet .. and every organic I have tried has not been strong enough to do battle with the mosquito bullies.. this one DOES! … get it at Clearwater Outdoor! .. its brand new there and they were having me test it .. and I strongly endorse this product!

3. A great high: Also a group of people that were enjoying the day hiking and then picnicking with great food and conversation.. many kids that were totally enjoying nature! .. here they are:

4. Lower Humidity and no heat rash! .. the temps were high but low humidity solidifies my knowing that my big red welts are caused by humidity and are in fact heat rash!

Lows: ?

Weather: sunny, 87, lower humidity (!!! thank God) and did I say lower humidity? .. got to LOVE that!

People on the trail : 20ish

So my Nordic Kettle Moraine trail guide will come out in the next day or two! … You can view all of my upcoming trail guides here and get a summary to see which trails you’d like to explore and then Buy trail guides with GPX for GPS here.

White Loop

Kettles – White Loop

Plan your trips with Kristen Westlake “Take a Hike” Trail Guides

Run #2: the Orange Trail :

Nordic Kettles Orange Loop

Plan your trips with Kristen Westlake “Take a Hike” Trail Guides

Then the Purple Loop:

Nordic Kettles Purple Loop

Kristen Westlake “Take a Hike” Trail Guides

and then the Brown:

Kettles Nordic Brown Loop

Plan your trips with Kristen Westlake “Take a Hike” Trail Guides
and last but not least the RED loop:

Nordic Kettles Red Loop

Kristen Westlake “Take a Hike” Trail Guides

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