Oncology appointment: fine with no tamoxifen

Breast Cancer Survivor and Health Updates:

I had my 2nd Oncology appointment today and:

1. I feel relieved! My Doc asked me how I was doing and then what I decided regarding tamoxifen. I said I was doing well, and I decided not to take tamoxifen. He was super supportive which made me feel happy! The onco nurse was even more supportive of my decision than he was!

2. My oncology nurse went through a survivorship care plan with me. I’ll be doing my normal breast and underarm exams to check for any lumps or bumps in my breasts and lymph nodes. And I will see my onco in 3 months for a check as well. No blood work or MRIs unless there is something that creates a reason for them. … While you’re supposed to do exams every month, I do them every day in the shower!

3. Recently I’ve experienced a bit of being sad and weird feelings of guilt. I’ve been sad that some of the fine ladies I know with breast cancer have had recurrences or just have had a tougher time of it than I have. My onco nurse was telling me that some survivors feel survivor guilt ~ wow! I’ve experienced both unbelievable gratefulness and then as things in life have settled back to ‘normal’ I’ve experienced that guilt. I’m just happy to understand it now for what it is.

Last week I saw my Plastic surgeon and:

1. She said I was the fastest healing patient from bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction that she’d ever seen. Not that it’s anything to put on a resume but it made me smile a lot😊!💪

2. I will be going in for implant exchange surgery in about 6 months. Mastectomy is very different from augmentation and the implants I have show a lot of rippling at the insides. There is no fat to cover up what breast tissue normally would. She said she’d normally fat graft but I don’t have enough fat to spare. So we are going to exchange for same size but fuller filled implants and it should remedy the ‘issue’. Recovery 3 weeks instead of 6 – 😀💪 – may go even a little smaller – I really love my smaller choice in breasts, especially with running!




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