Physical therapy

A great day .. was so happy to see a physical therapist today to help me with gaining movement, esp in my right arm, after surgery. She said I had excellent range of motion, especially for just being 3 weeks post op. … I have a little egg like seroma under my right arm that is causing me some pain .. so she gave me some exercises for it and I have to find an Under Armour (or the like) compression top, to hug the underarm, which will help it along.

Its funny .. the exercises are so simple and easy but it feels so good to just move my upper body with a bit of tension since I’m limited to lifting no more than 10 pounds for 6 weeks … I’m doing squats and lunges and ab stuff between each set of the physical therapy .. .

she also said that all the walking I have been doing has been really really good! .. so all the worry about doing too much? nope, it has been beneficial … so in celebration I walked 7.5 miles when I got home .. 🙂

As a PS… the receptionists were all laughing at me today … I was telling them how I couldn’t wait to work out again and run .. and they were laughing and laughing, saying most people are happy for an excuse not to be able to work out .. and here I mark April 7 on my calendar as the day I can break into a full run and do burpees!

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