Pondering triumph

All of my friends here are like the stars shining in God’s beautiful sky. You all are precious to me and I’m so grateful for you!

God’s been holding me tight and it appears He has more work for me here before He calls me home some day … Much of that I’ll understand as He guides me forward. I know that breast cancer was a gift wrapped in a very strange package … And I still have adjunct drug choices to make and things to learn from all of it.

I cherish so very much this incredible life the Lord’s blessed me with. I’m so overwhelmed with love for each breath I take!

Something I pondered the day I got my clean report card: At the same time I’d been given the great news about triumphing over cancer others are given less fortunate news. The same day I’d found out I won the battle was the same day Joey Feek died.

It reminds me that, even with an earthly triumph now, one day I and all of us, will be called Home. And that my friends is a triumph I pray we all can be certain of!


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