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Williams Bay, Wisconsin – April 15, 2008 – Wildlife photographer Kristen Westlake, who is well known for her brilliant nature photographs and fine art photography skills, recently
opened her first exclusive Kristen Westlake Gallery Franchise, in Cable, WI. Her nature and wildlife photographs are limited editions and may be purchased through her exclusive gallery and as always, in her online fine art show room.

Patience and passion are what allows her to seemingly “capture” the personalities of the subjects that she photographs. This in itself sets her apart from most other nature photographers. But Kristen has yet another niche in the way in which she produces her images for sale. Her prints are dramatically showcased on canvas and varnished with environmentally-friendly products in order to maintain their high quality.

“My style of photography from being in the field to post production brings Nature’s voice to life so that others “see” it. My canvas fine art pieces that are larger than life,” says Westlake. “These canvas prints are available in three sizes (20×30”, 30×40” and 40×60”). The large canvases are truly mesmerizing, as they really bring nature into any space and will totally change the atmosphere of the room.”

Once transferred to canvas, Westlake’s fine art photography prints are gallery wrapped to give the observer a more realistic view of the photograph. This frameless mounting style allows the photograph to be seen in a more natural way and provides for a more dramatic affect.

“Just as there is no frame around nature when I photograph, my images on canvas are gallery wrapped in order to maintain that expansive feel that my wildlife photography is meant to evoke,” says Westlake. “Without frames, the wildlife photograph takes on a more realistic appearance and allows the observer to feel as if they are standing in the midst of nature.”
In order to maintain their uniqueness, Westlake limits the number of canvas fine art prints of her nature and wildlife photographs, allowing only eight limited edition prints to be made of a single photograph in each available canvas size. Fine art prints can be viewed and purchased at the new Kristen Westlake Gallery at Cable Nature Lodge in Cable, Wisconsin or online at
If you are interested in owning a Kristen Westlake Gallery Franchise please view information online or contact Kristen.

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