Purpose letter – for all purposes and for a masters in English and non-fiction Creative Writing

A picture’s worth a thousand words. A photographic artist relies on this promise to tell her sentence deprived stories. This is what I do; I capture stories of skies kissing the landscapes. Knowledge of my technology is my creative keyboard. Emojis are a narrative stream of storm clouds, rainbows, star studded patterns, and threatening lightning.

The picture language is universal yet general. Undercurrents of the experiencer’s personal journey is too often lost in translation.

Artwork suspended on a gallery’s walls invites a viewer’s imagination to wander at will. With no beginning nor an end, the meat of the story is lost from the body of work.

Experiences of my solo travel driving, of humid hiking, and of being lost and lucky to have survived are elements my viewers likely will never know. How would they know to ask? A full manuscript should be available to highlight the humor and the challenges of my car camping escapades in what I lovingly refer to as the ‘Honda Hotel’.

Each image longs to share the depths that predate its birth. Though not markedly photographic, these experiences contribute solidly to the surface value of each image. This rich candor lends vibrancy to images when divulged by its creator.

I long to transport people into sensory rich experiences via the gracious capture of the written word in tandem with photographic expression.

My goal throughout this Masters study is to harness the use of the written language, thus honing my style. I hope to corral my many experiences into manageable outlines, each outline delicious dough for a written body of work. I aspire to write essays to compliment my photographic projects and photograph to compliment my written projects. As much as I continue to create a picture worth a thousand words, likewise, I aim to create a thousand words worth a picture.


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