Second week post op

I’m on the second week of post op and second week of working my pre-rehearsed visualization plan to that healthy runner / photographic artist image I have of myself in my head.

I’m grateful that the Lord stumbled me onto focused visualization techniques when I was quite young that’s helped me survive, win, and thrive through situations other than running races (which was my original use of it). No one taught me, I just did it.

In high school and collegiate cross country and track I’d SEE the outcome I’d planned and then I’d visualize (rehearse) the race in detail … Eyes closed, my heart rate would even rise as I ran the race ahead of time in my head. I’d feel every detail, from wind, to emotions, to possible competition …

When I ran the actual race, I’d already run it …

Same with this … There’s no ‘can do’ about it. The race to recovery is already won… Now it’s about doing what I’ve already accomplished inside my soul. Accomplished through Faith in God.



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