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the Omnipotent – Time Lapse Still of Lightning at Dusk

I’ve photographed the dramatic effects of lightning at night, however my preference is the look (and the more challenging) of lightning at dusk. This image is a time-lapse still (layered in Lighten Mode via Photoshop): The mix of colors, clouds, lightning, … and even star trails in this image are achieved in a total of ... Read more

Lightning and Lightning bugs play with an abandoned stone house

Last night’s show was multi-faceted. Lightning screamed in all directions, yet it was slow, intermittent, and kept me guessing, giving up nothing to reveal where it would indulge its wondrous display… the lightning toyed with with me as the mosquitoes drank me in … the sunset weaved tapestry after tapestry, overwhelming the senses … it ... Read more

Sunset Lightning over Rural Wisconsin farmland – Just one bolt please

‘the Answer’ print.  Fine Prints available here ~  ‘The Answer’ 20150409 / 365  Lightning strikes across the sky at sunset. 2 Samuel 22:13 Out of the brightness of his presence bolts of lightning blazed forth.   I’d been chasing between two storm cells at the latter part of the day; cells from both the southwest and southeast of me. ... Read more

Side Lightning thunderbolts across the sky

‘Lightning Crashes’ View and Purchase this lightning image and other lightning photography I was awakened this morning at about 1:30.. the sound of a hungry sky echoed her thunder throughout the land. I lay there for awhile just listening .. then I saw the heat flashes within the clouds. Soon I saw bolts literally dance ... Read more

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