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The Reign of Stars – Star Trails from

‘the Reign of Stars’ .. I combined an hour of star trails with one 20 second frame specifically for star points and the light ethereal clouds that whispered .. During the course of the time I spent atop Gibraters Rock last night I enjoyed the mesmerizing quiet, the breeze picking up to chill the air. ... Read more

Milky Way and Star Trails

The milky way Saturday night over a corn field I have been eyeing for the right night …The moon didn’t rise until 3:30 am, making for a stunningly dark and star studded sky. The Milky Way, in turn, contrasted favorably against the night.. I was creating 2 star trail images for a total of 2 ... Read more

Star Trails at abandoned Church

on the way to Montana I stopped specifically in South Dakota for this image .. I hoped for a clear night for star trails and God delivered. He also delivered beautiful moonlight which softly bathed the old abandoned church in gentle light. .. I began my 3.5 hours of star trails with the end of ... Read more

Star Trail panorama and farm field

‘Riding the Stars – 20150401 ‘Riding the Stars’  – 20150401 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here ~  ‘Riding the Stars’  The North Star Polaris and west across the sky ..  from 8:30pm until 2 am …  Star trail pano .. 4 x (1 hour star trail captures) – stitched to a panorama ..  The incredible circular trails ... Read more

Old Brick Silo against Star Trails – Creative Photography Project 365

Creative Photography Project 365 ‘Starry Starry Night’ 20150219 / Project 365 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here well after sun set the clear sky poured out an abundance of bright stars to light the night. … This old silo has always been one of my favorite structures. . ... Read more

Creative Photography Project 365- Star Trails and tree on new Moon Dark Sky Night

‘Polaris’ Jewels Creative Photography Project 365 Find this print. Creative Project 365 Last night the stars were amazing and bright in the dark sky .. I enjoyed imagining what I couldn’t see in real time. Over time the image I imagined formed inside my camera, the vehicle that holds my paintbrush .. ... Read more

Creative Photography Project 365 – westerly star trails against lonely farm at night

Into the Night February 14, Valentines Day / Creative Photography Project 365 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here ‘Into the Night’ Last night it was bitterly cold setting up my camera for this image. As soon as I was set up I crawled back into my vehicle to let my camera do the rest ... Read more

Day 42 Creative Photography Project 365 – star trails and corn stalks in winter night landscape

‘I Believe’ … when you see the miracles out here in the stars and the Heavens, how could anyone not? Day 42 / creative photography Project 365 Find this print. Collectable Prints available here I saw these stalks when I was running today and took note of them. When I knew that the sky was ... Read more

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