The Reign of Stars – Star Trails from

‘the Reign of Stars’ ..
I combined an hour of star trails with one 20 second frame specifically for star points and the light ethereal clouds that whispered ..
During the course of the time I spent atop Gibraters Rock last night I enjoyed the mesmerizing quiet, the breeze picking up to chill the air. The occasional rustle of autumn leaves as squirrels foraged, the distant howl of coyotes and the hoot of the great horned owl.

I love the long exposures of night photography. My planning is mostly done at my kitchen table over lots of coffee … the execution, or the shot as some would call it, is the shutter release; the culmination of often many hours of planning: azimuths, altitudes, where to stand for the right bearing to my subject (whether that be an earthly body or a celestial one).

The execution of the planning allows me time to stand and gather the sights and sounds, smells and the dance of my surroundings. It gives me time to contemplate another idea(s) for this time or another time.

Sometimes the idea is foiled by the weather and I either plan for the next time the event will occur or scrap it as sometimes its a one time ‘shot’ … its all a part of the challenge that I call ‘fun’ (many would not!).

And then there are the silver linings .. the unanticipated ‘glitter’. In the past I used to go to far lengths to keep human elements out of my work .. now I embrace our human elements, often including roads, and humans to my work .. doing so adds a sense of familiarity, scale, and / or emotion when it feels right. Heck, you see me putting myself into scenes. That isn’t intended to be “selfie” haven. I’m the only ‘model’ I’ve got on short notice! ha!

So, the unanticipated glitter in this night: I enjoyed the light painted patterns from human life below. Because I’d only been up on top of this rock formation during the day, I was unaware until the night time, of the homes below!

As always, My work is on my website for viewing and for sale as large prints. I also offer workshops, teaching seminars to photography clubs, entertaining speaking about my solo photographic travel experiences to organizations, ..
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this and other images of Gibrater Rock:

Gibraltar Rock
Star trails and points from Gibraltar Rock, Lodi, WI
Gibraltar Rock at night
Star Points from Gibraltar Rock, Lodi, WI

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