The Supermoon superstar 

Holy Hill last night from 3.5 miles away at 600mm. This image was made at 5:30 pm, 72.9º azimuth from where I stood, and 3.1º altitude, just after the moon rose. 
My original plan designed the larger than the Holy Hill spires moon (at 3.5 miles away with a 600 mm focal length the moon appears as you see here, SUPER huge) to be directly over the spires, as if the spires were holding it. But there were trees that blocked my view at the exact location of where I needed to be and the clouds obscured as well … 
Though I was ‘skunked’ by trees and clouds, I shifted ‘gears’ and looked for another opportunity. So even when plans don’t work, the silver linings are those spur of the moment executions of the beauty that God puts in front of us (me in this case). 

Super Moon Rising at Holy Hill November 14, 2016


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