Total Lunar Eclipse in the wee hours of Tuesday (CST)

It’s sure showing a cloudy day and an iffy possibility of seeing the lunar eclipse I the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Though Tuesday shows partly cloudy skies ~ 1 am, when the eclipse begins, may still be cloudy. I’m hoping it’s at least intermittent clouds, which could actually be beautiful laced with the red of the total eclipse!

So here’s the skinny for viewing: if you are on Central time the eclipse begins at around 1 am. Total eclipse is at roughly 2am and continues for about an hour or so. Therefore intermittent clouds won’t be an issue!

There is a very informative website about viewing the eclipse and I’m including a graphic to show you where the moon is in the sky at the time of the eclipse.

Watch the moon in the south and slightly west sky at 199° from the north. The moon will be at an angle of 38° from you on the ground so it will be easy to spot quite high in the sky.

The picture screenshot is via an iPad and iPhone app called the photographers ephemeris. You can get it here!it’s very helpful for pre determining location of moon, sunrise, sunset and in particular, helpful for travel planning. Of course, you can’t beat being there to explore first hand but if you want to be at a location when there is a full moon rising over a specific arch in the desert, it’s a great tool for planning your timing!


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