Total Lunar Eclipse photography

Lunar eclipse Images here

I set my alarm for 12:45 am so I could witness the beginning of the lunar eclipse and view it through its entirety. I bundled up and opened the door. Snow greeted me underfoot as I stepped outside to set up for the show.

At 38° azimuth this eclipse would be high enough in the sky that I’d be photographing the moon alone and nothing silhouetted with it. That meant simply stepping out my own door to ‘shoot the moon’ would work fabulously.

Promptly at 1am I saw a little dark slice begin take a bite from the moon. It kept eating at the moon from the left side to the right until finally there was but a sliver of brightness, making the full moon look like a crescent moon.

2am prompt: Enter total eclipse phase and the moon looked as if it were slowly twisting and turning, dancing if you will inside the Earth’s shadow. The remaining clouds gave the moon an even more ethereal appearance now and then as they came and went.

At about 3:30 the moon waxed back the other way, brightening in appearance from right back to left.

At this point I had to step inside to warm up a bit. I was so cold and even bundled in 5 layers of sweaters and fleece mixes I couldn’t keep from shaking.

Once the show ended I made a cup of coffee (mostly to warm my hands) and did a once look at my images. Working and culling would wait but I was excited to see what I’d made. All in all I am pleased with the results – it was certainly an event to remember : standing outside alone under the sky for hours watching the eclipse while most others in the neighborhood lay sound asleep, nestled warmly in a bed.
Perhaps outdoors I’d wished I was warmer but I wouldn’t trade the experience …


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