Travel to and photograph Wisconsin’s most beautiful places

Its time to gear up and travel to and photograph Wisconsin’s most beautiful places! While many travelers and photographers add faraway places to their bucket list, there are often hidden gems in our own ‘backyards’. That said, if you happen to live in Wisconsin, or even if you don’t, you’ll want to take note of some of the stunning Wisconsin photography found within the diverse landscape.

If you reside within the state’s boundaries, there are a zillion photo trips and expeditions to enjoy. Residents from surrounding states will want to gas up and head out to road trip Wisconsin’s most scenic places.

Amongst the many self-made photography trips in Wisconsin, I’ve put together an itinerary that will take you to 3 of the most beautiful places to photograph in Wisconsin. In this blog I focus on taking you from Bong State Recreational Area to the Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest, and finishing at Devils Lake State Park. The self-guided trip meanders 130 miles. Google maps gives you 2 hours and 26 minutes to tour without a stop. Of course, the reason for driving is to see the most beautiful places to photograph in Wisconsin. This means a leisurely pace; I recommend a minimum of a day in each place (if you can afford the time). Click for the google map directions.

Wisconsin’s most beautiful places to Photograph

Travel Stop 1 : Bong State Recreational Area

My itinerary hosts its starting line at Bong State Recreational Area. This area is is located in Kenosha County, in the town of Brighton. The area is part of the state park system and is 4515 acres. Bring your mountain bikes, running or hiking shoes, or cross-country skis (in the winter); the park is equipped with 8.3 miles of mountain bike trails. I love to photograph the prairie landscapes and ponds within the park, but my favorite subjects are  Bong’s wildlife. In the winter, the area is the perfect landscape for and short-eared owls and snowy owls during an irruption. The DNR website gives an informative explanation of irruption.

Snowy Owl in Tree
This female snowy owl traversed the winter open prairie of Bong State Recreational Area.


short-eared owl
A short-eared owl makes his presence known in Bong State Recreational Area.

Wisconsin’s most beautiful places to Photograph

Travel Stop 2:  Kettle Moraine Forest

The southern Unit of the Kettle Moraine forest has over 160 miles of trails that vary in difficulty and use. Trails are designated for foot travel, technical mountain biking trails,  and even horse travel. Some of the most beautiful Wisconsin vistas will be enjoyed along any trail. Find out more about the Southern Kettle Moraine Forest.

The Scuppernong trails are one of my favorite areas to photograph. As part of the Southern Kettle Moraine, there are several boardwalks that traverse the boggy area and make interesting infrared photography.

Wisconsin's most scenic landscapes from Scuppernong trails
Infrared scenic from Scuppernong trails in the Kettle Moraine State Forest.


Wisconsin’s most beautiful places to Photograph

Travel Stop 3: Devils Lake State Park

Devils Lake State Park scenics are particularly alluring from the tops of both the east and west bluffs.

I enjoy hiking and photographing along the trails in Devils Lake. Likewise, I also enjoy creating planned photography images in this park. One in particular involved an exciting dark morning (3:15 am) climb up the east bluff’s very steep steps to photograph the 2013 lunar eclipse. My husband and I camped in the Devils Lake Park campground and got up super early to hike the steep stone steps in the dark. Find out more about Devils Lake State Park. 

Beautiful Places to Photograph in Wisconsin: Lunar Eclipse at Devils Lake
The October 10, 2014 Lunar Eclipse at Devils Lake State Park involved a 3:15 wake up to hike the steep East Bluff in the dark.
travel to and photograph Wisconsin's most beautiful places: Devils Lake
Fall colors, overlooking Devils Lake from the top of the Western Bluff.

Are you getting the urge to travel to and photograph Wisconsin’s most beautiful places yet?

I’ve only touched on a few of the many photography trips in Wisconsin. Be sure to leave a comment below and explore the links I’ve shared within the posts.

Would you like me to share more scenic photography trips? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you’ve enjoyed and that you get up and go explore Wisconsin’s beautiful landscapes!


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