Wildlife Portfolios

There is something in me that connects to the inherent courage in the wild creatures. Braving weather, natural predators, and being the predator, the meaning of survival is based on moment to moment health, agility, and strength. I connect because I think these qualities are slumbering somewhere inside all of us .. maybe waiting to be awakened or perhaps never wishing to be stirred.

I am stirred by these creatures and find it a personal pleasure to come into their world. I don't believe in or condone behavior that tampers with the wildness of these wild creatures or their surroundings. In other words none of the wild life in my portfolios within have been baited, trapped or photographed in game farms. These beautiful creatures are as they should be, wild and free.

For the sake of the wildlife, I will always step into their world, not expect them to conform to mine. I'll sit and wait patiently for the animals to engage in the behavior that they will, and I am honored to my core when I am accepted into their world as a part of their scene at the given time.